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SoftwareWerkstatt GmbH
Oberlaaer Stra├če 191/4
1100 Wien

T +43 1 236 43 45
F +43 1 236 43 45 9

FBNr.: FN 288578f
UID: ATU63145509

Raiffeisenkasse Guntramsdorf
BLZ: 32250
Kto.Nr.: 708040

Handelsgericht Wien
Magistratisches Bezirksamt des X. Bezirkes
Mitglied der Wirtschaftskammer Wien, FG Unternehmensberatung, Buchhaltung und Informationstechn, IT-Dienstleistung

Informationen nach dem E-Commerce-Gesetz

Important informations for Saturday 28.01.2021

Please these documents carefully Info Corona Testing Stadium Infield and Stands Important Meeting information Read more

Live results 20.01.2021

As every year we will have live results as well. You will be informed about that a few days before the event as well.Read more

Live stream 20.01.2021

We will provide a live stream from the whole meeting. We will provide a link on the website a few days before the event.Read more

Training 20.01.2021

Due to the current situation there will be no possibility for training on friday, january 29th.Read more

Timetable 20.01.2021

We had to make a few adaptions to the timetable .Read more